What are we?

Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan succeeded Mathews Mar Athanasius as the Malankara Metropolitan in 1878. By the Royal Court verdict in 1888, Thirumeni lost his seat in the pazhaya Seminary. Thirumeni left the seminary with the asset of prayers and tears. He spend that night at ‘Kopra atty’ in the Pukadiyil Purayidam which is the present day Mar Thoma Vaideeka Seminary Campus. Thirumeni then moved to Maramon. It was that Thomas Mar Athanasius Metropolitan who laid the foundation of our kattunilam St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church in ‘Vrishchikam 27’ 1893.

It was Pattamukkil Yakub kathanar who left the then St. Mary’s Jacobite Church ignoring its assets and popularity, took up the baton of reformation and lead the community towards reforming themselves from false practices and blind traditions in the spirit of Biblical insight. Thus open Bible became our symbol and scripture became light to our way of life. So far about 67 Achens, many evangelists and lay leaders nourished our spiritual life and we become a parish with 567 Families, 14 Prayer groups with 2687 laity who serve God with their talents and commitment all over the world.